Onesie Wednesday!

We’re gearing up for Ellie’s first birthday next month!!  Nothing elaborate planned, just having family come to celebrate.  But can I say…I’m soooo pumped over her adorable little outfit!  It came in the mail a few days ago and its SOOO adorable.  1PoshShop has one happy customer 🙂


#adorbs.  Can’t wait for her to wear it! ❤


Cold and Snowy Wednesday


I’m all for snow, but why is it that we went ALL winter with barely an inch, and then get dumped on right in the middle of March.  Bleh.  Ellie and I are spending the second day in a row at home all day.  Which just means finding fun things to do around the house.  Right now she enjoys playing this game where she pulls everything off of a shelf and I put it all back.  Repeat, repeat, repeat. 😛

Today’s Onesie Wednesday features a onesie that I don’t have, but currently need!  If we had this, Ellie and I would be out in the snow today.


Guess there’s always next year! 🙂

Future Activist Onesie Wednesday!

Since the Women’s March on DC, I’ve wanted this onesie for Ellie!  Just need to sit down and order it.  Such a cool onesie…gotta start em young!!



Betsy is was confirmed yesterday so all we can do is wait.  Wait to see what happens with public education system, wait to see what happens with vouchers.  Just wait.  I felt a little better after reading this article this morning, discussing Betsy’s limits in power.  Our children are our future and now is the time to advocate on their behalf.  Let’s go activists!! 🙂


Onesie Wednesday

I’m hoping that posting today’s onesie might help bring us some snow! 😛 It’s already February and we’ve barely gotten a single flake.  We need some snow!!

I look forward to the days when Ellie’s old enough to build a snowman with mommy and daddy 🙂 Anyway, how cute are those mitten attachments?!  Love 🙂


Onesie Wednesday

Today’s onesie brought to you by PuddleKicker’s Etsy shop.  This is totally fitting for Ellie right now, who has learned that she can kick and scream when she doesn’t get what she wants.  Toddler-hood should be fun.


Heaven forbid I serve sweet potatoes for dinner rather than bananas.  Or how about forcing clothes onto Ellie so she’s nice and warm…How rude. 😂

The Big 3-0

It happened…I’m officially in the 30’s club…ugh.

It’s easy to wallow in self pity when you turn 30, your husband is on the other side of the country for your birthday, and you’re in the middle of (unintentionally) sleep training your seven month old.  Yikes.  Fortunately I have some great friends and family, and this awesome t-shirt to help get me through…thanks Liz 😛


And I’m about to head to the mall to spend some money.  Winning.

Soooo sleep training SUCKS.  I will NEVER understand the phrase “sleeping like a baby”.  Ellie absolutely hates her crib and screams her head off anytime we put her down.  We’ve been using Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit (a miracle product, btw) ever since the four month sleep regression.  When you’re pregnant everyone says “Hope you don’t like sleep!!” and you shrug it off as another piece of unwanted input.  I always assumed that we (and when I say “we” I mean “I” because my husband could sleep through the apocalypse) would be sleep deprived for the first few months but that eventually baby and I would settle into a normal sleep schedule.  Then came the four month sleep regression.  So Merlin’s was a lifesaver at the time.  I was able to nurse Ellie to sleep and then transfer her into the crib without her waking up, thanks to the magical Merlin’s.  But all good things must eventually come to an end, right?  When Ellie starting trying to roll over in the suit, I knew the time had come to stop using it.  For safety reasons, we had to ditch the miracle suit. 😦

So a few nights ago I nursed her to sleep, per usual, and then walked into the nursery.  Ellie opened her eyes and screamed her little head off as I tried to place her in the crib.  After repeating this process three times, I called for reinforcements.  The hubs came in and rocked/walked baby back to sleep, only to have her wake up and scream when he put her down.  I gave it another try, and then we realized it had been three hours of trying to get her down.  At this point it was 11:00 and Brian and I just wanted sleep.  So, out of desperation, we put Ellie down in her crib, shut the door, and crawled into bed.  Ellie cried and cried, and I cried as I listen to her scream.  I was never really a fan of sleep training and would have preferred avoiding it altogether.  But when you’ve spent three hours trying to get a baby to sleep and you’re at your wits end, drastic measures must be taken.

Now, we’re four nights into this horrible process and she still feels the need to scream for half an hour before finally giving in and going to sleep.  Ugh.  I’m hoping one of these nights she will start to realize what’s going on and give up the screaming and crying.

Onto happier things…Onesie Wednesday!  LOOK how freakin adorable this onesie is!!!  I realize this is a little late and I wish I had found this before Christmas because I would have totally bought it.  A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie.  You know the 24 hours on TBS?  That’s on my TV all Christmas eve and day.  I can’t get enough.  Love, love, LOVE this!!


Now off to the mall to wallow in self pity  drink Starbucks and spend some money.