Fridababy, Baby!

It’s been a rough week and a half…The little bebe got her first cold, which spread to me and then my husband.  It sucks but fortunately she’s had good spirits through everything.  I was a little caught off guard with the amount of snot that can come out of a little tiny babe!

One of the things I registered for before Ellie’s birth was the Fridababy Snotsucker.  Everyone thought I was crazy, but if you read the reviews on this thing you see that parents LOVE it.  Well, time to add me to that list.  It’s not gross at all, nothing gets in your mouth, and it’s a huge help to clear out your little one’s nose when they don’t know how to blow.  Ellie has been super congested and this has provided some instant relief.  Along with using a humidifier in her room every night, this has really helped her.


Onesie Wednesday will return next week.  Yesterday was spent on the couch trying to shake this fever! 😦


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