Trump…A “Millennial”?

I am a millennial.  I’ve listened to, heard about, and read lots of criticism against my generation.  We’re entitled, we’re privileged, we’re cry babies.  We have no respect for others.  We only think about ourselves.  We’re selfish.  It occurred to me today that in these uncertain and scary political times, our nation’s highest leader is exhibiting these exact characteristics.  Millennials are not the ones acting as privileged, selfish “cry babies”…it’s Trump.

A centerpiece of Trump’s campaign promised to “Put America First”.  Hundreds of thousands of United States citizens voted for Trump because of this promise.  Trump promised to bring more jobs to the United States, improve infrastructure, and “Make America Great Again”.  With each executive order, he believes that’s what he is doing.  His supporters most likely agree.  But each time he picks up a pen, he’s cutting ties and destroying relationships with countries that we once considered allies.  Iran, Iraq, Australia, Mexico, the list continues to grow.  In putting “America first”, we are alienating ourselves.  In putting ourselves “first”, we are shouting loud and clear to the world that we think we’re better.  That we’re the best.  That we don’t care about anyone other than ourselves.

Under the direction of our President, America is acting selfish and entitled.  Disrespectful.  A cry baby.  A “Millennial”.  And while everything is going down in flames, millennials are among those attending marches and protests, calling senators, and helping to provide legal assistance pro bono to those in need.  So you see, millennials are not the spoiled, entitled whiners that the media portrays us as…at least not all of us.  The true self-proclaimed victim, the real “millennial” here is Donald Trump.



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