I’ve been spending this afternoon scrolling through Scary Mommy. ¬†They never disappoint ūüôā

Can you believe there is Twinkie ice cream now?!  Have to find this asap.


Also loving¬†this picture ‚̧


I’m loving the weather we’re getting. ¬†I can’t justify staying inside and blogging when it’s this nice outside. ¬†Time to go for a walk! ūüôā


Fridababy, Baby!

It’s been a rough week and a half…The little bebe got¬†her first cold, which spread to me and then my husband. ¬†It sucks but fortunately she’s had good spirits through everything. ¬†I was a little caught off guard with the amount of snot that can come out of a little tiny babe!

One of the things I registered for before Ellie’s birth was the Fridababy Snotsucker. ¬†Everyone thought I was crazy, but if you read the reviews on this thing you see that parents LOVE it. ¬†Well, time to add me to that list. ¬†It’s not gross at all, nothing gets in your mouth, and it’s a huge help to clear out your little one’s nose when they don’t know how to blow. ¬†Ellie has been super congested and this has provided some instant relief. ¬†Along with using a humidifier in her room every night, this has really helped her.


Onesie Wednesday will return next week. ¬†Yesterday was spent on the couch trying to shake this fever! ūüė¶

Future Activist Onesie Wednesday!

Since the Women’s March on DC, I’ve wanted this onesie for Ellie! ¬†Just need¬†to sit down and order it. ¬†Such a cool onesie…gotta start em young!!



Betsy is was confirmed yesterday so all we can do is wait. ¬†Wait to see what happens with¬†public education system, wait to see what happens with¬†vouchers. ¬†Just wait. ¬†I felt a little better after reading¬†this article this morning, discussing Betsy’s limits in power. ¬†Our children are our future and now is the time to advocate on their behalf. ¬†Let’s go activists!! ūüôā


Yes to Birchbox, No to Betsy!


Is it February 11th yet?? ¬†I sit here waiting, watching the mailbox for my next Birchbox ūüėõ ¬†My addiction started last August when I received a six month subscription as a gift. ¬†When¬†January rolled around I decided I just couldn’t do without. ¬†I’m not even that much of a makeup junkie, especially now that I’m a SAHM. ¬†I’m lucky if I get to wash my hair everyday…but I really enjoy trying out all of the samples they send. ¬†My next box should be here by Saturday but I want it noooowwwww!

The little bebe has her first cold ūüė¶ Lots of sniffles, coughs, and extra snuggle time. ¬†All while listening to the Democratic testimony against Betsy DeVos. ¬†God I hope this woman isn’t approved. ¬†It seems she will be though. ¬†As a teacher, I hope that her lack of background and knowledge will stifle her from taking any real action against public education. ¬†It’s scary. ¬†T-minus 23 minutes to the vote, let’s see what happens.¬†ūü§ě

Trump…A “Millennial”?

I am a millennial. ¬†I’ve listened to, heard about, and read lots of criticism against my generation. ¬†We’re entitled, we’re privileged, we’re cry babies. ¬†We have no respect for others. ¬†We only think about ourselves. ¬†We’re selfish. ¬†It occurred to me today that in these uncertain and scary political times, our nation’s highest leader is exhibiting these exact characteristics. ¬†Millennials are not the¬†ones acting as privileged, selfish “cry babies”…it’s Trump.

A centerpiece of Trump’s campaign promised to “Put America First”. ¬†Hundreds of thousands of United States citizens voted for Trump because of this promise. ¬†Trump promised¬†to bring more jobs to the United States, improve infrastructure, and “Make America Great Again”. ¬†With each executive order, he believes that’s what he is doing. ¬†His supporters most likely agree. ¬†But each time he picks up a pen, he’s cutting ties and destroying relationships with countries that we once considered allies. ¬†Iran, Iraq, Australia, Mexico, the list continues to grow. ¬†In putting “America first”, we are alienating ourselves. ¬†In¬†putting ourselves “first”, we are shouting loud and clear to the world that we think we’re better. ¬†That we’re the best. ¬†That we don’t care about anyone other than ourselves.

Under the direction of our¬†President, America is acting¬†selfish and entitled. ¬†Disrespectful. ¬†A cry baby. ¬†A “Millennial”. ¬†And while everything is going down in flames, millennials are among those attending marches and protests, calling senators, and helping to provide¬†legal assistance pro bono to those in need. ¬†So you see, millennials are not the spoiled, entitled whiners that the media portrays us as…at least not all of us. ¬†The true self-proclaimed victim, the real “millennial” here is Donald Trump.


Onesie Wednesday

I’m hoping that posting today’s onesie¬†might help bring us some snow! ūüėõ¬†It’s already February and we’ve barely gotten a single flake. ¬†We need some snow!!

I look forward to the days when Ellie’s old enough to build a snowman with mommy and daddy ūüôā Anyway, how cute are those mitten attachments?! ¬†Love ūüôā