State of the Union

I hate to post about politics again but it’s just so heartbreaking, the direction we’re headed.  Trump is forging ahead, doing whatever he wants.  I don’t understand how the “checks and balances” system isn’t preventing this absurdity.  We’ve always called ourselves the “melting pot” and had such pride in our diversity.  All of that has come crashing down.  Refugees do not equal terrorists.  Trump’s agenda is one of discrimination, prejudice, and hate.  My heart breaks for what is happening.

The only hope that we can cling to is the new sense of urgent political action and activism that we’re seeing across the country.  We started with the Women’s March on DC, which spread into sister marches across the country.  Now protestors are filling up our airports, demanding the release of US citizens being detained.  Donations to the ACLU help them continue to fight our basic civil liberties.  Now is the time to act.  We must fight for what we believe in, regardless of political affiliation.  We do not agree with Trump and his extremism, racism, and bigotry.  This is not the time to be quiet or still.  This is the time to take a stand.



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