Baby Solids…Really Internet?

Sometimes the internet just makes me say WTF…

Ellie’s starting to gear up for stage 2 and eventually stage 3 foods, so I’ve been perusing The Bump and Pinterest for some simple meal ideas…Emphasis on the simple.  Today I found a list titled “15 Finger Foods for Your Baby or Toddler to Move Past Purees”.  Sounds perfect, right?

Some of the recommendations…

Chicken and Cannellini Bean Nuggets, Baby Pasta Bolognese, Minestrone Soup, Sweet Potato Lentil and Cheddar Croquettes, and something called Black Bean Mango Fiesta…Seriously internet?!  Anyone with at least one child knows that there simply isn’t time to make anything this ridiculous…FOR A BABY…who doesn’t know what he/she is putting in his/her mouth.  What happened to the days of hot dogs and ninety-nine cent macaroni and cheese?  I’m pretty sure that’s what I ate as a kid and I think I turned out pretty well.  I’m damn sure not making any potato, lentil, and cheddar croquettes.  What the heck is a croquette anyways?!


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