Baby Foods

So even though our little one has suddenly turned picky and will only eat store bought food, I enjoyed making homemade for a week or two.  It’s really super easy, and you don’t need to use a recipe of any kind.  Just throw into a blender and add some water, formula, or pumped milk.  Here are the foods I made…

Avocado – I scooped the insides of two avocados into the blender, and added water to reach desired consistency.  I learned the hard way, make sure the avocados are ripe!  If they aren’t a little squishy, you get a really chunky puree.  The second time I made this, I bought the avocados and waited a few days to puree.  The end result was much smoother.

Banana – I mashed up three bananas and mixed with three ounces of pumped milk.  Creamy and smooth texture, perfect for an introductory food.

Pumpkin – This was the easiest one to make!  I popped open a can of pumpkin, mixed in a little water to reach desired consistency, and viola.  This one is a little chunkier, so I recommend starting with a smoother puree as a first food, and introducing this one afterward.

Sweet Potato – This one didn’t go over so well…it’s definitely chunky like the pumpkin and I think Ellie just wasn’t quite ready for that.  First I washed and peeled the potato.  Then I cut it into small cubes and steamed it for about 10-15 minutes, until I could mash it up in a bowl.  I mixed in water to make it a little “soupier”, but this would also be great to mix with formula or breastmilk for a more creamy texture.

Prunes – Thank God for prunes…they’ve really helped “loosen up” our babe! 😉  I found dried pitted prunes at Wegmans and boiled them for about 10 minutes to add water back in.  Then I mashed them up and blended them with some additional water.

With each recipe, I poured the puree into a NUK tray, stuck in the freezer overnight, and then popped out the cubes the next day.  The tray isn’t airtight, so I stored the cubes in ziploc bags labeled with type of food and date made.  Each compartment is a one ounce serving, so there’s no guess work in measuring our your prepared food.


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