When To Have Number Two?


The discussion has begun 😛 Making lists, weighing pros and cons, discussing finances.  Exciting stuff!  So when to have baby number two…?

My employer will allow me another year of unpaid family leave whenever I’d like to take it.  I think I prefer the idea of having baby number two sooner rather than later and taking off an additional year next year.  I’m not in denial here, I know that having two under two will be extremely tough.  But I think in the long run it’s the better decision.

The thing is, I’m not quite ready to give up breastfeeding yet.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a rough road.  But it’s also feels like a huge accomplishment that Ellie and I have come this far.  We had a lot of trouble in the beginning.  Thank God for our lactation consultant.  She seriously saved us.  And now, six months later, we’re still going strong.  It’s really too bad that it takes nine months to incubate a human.  Hasn’t science learned how to shorten the process yet?!? 😛 J/K.

I also miss teaching as well as daily adult interaction.  The other night I had a classroom dream. LOL.

Alright, back to the list making.


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