Onesie Wednesday!

Whew…The past 48 hours in our household have been a hot mess.  During Ellie’s six month checkup last week we found out she wasn’t gaining weight as quickly as she should be…again.  We struggled a lot with this in her first two months, but finally felt like we were in a groove around month three.  Now we’re back at the bottom of this roller coaster. So per doctor’s order, we’ve gone from solids once a day to three times a day.  That’s the fun part.  I like offering her new foods and she seems to enjoy most of them (not sweet potatoes though!)  Except now the increase in solids has caused a great deal of constipation.  She’s not happy. ..Yesterday she howled so loud you would’ve thought she was getting a round of vaccines.  So after she wakes up from her nap, we’re off to Wegman’s to look for some dried prunes 😐


Today’s pick comes from Target, my favorite store in the world!


How freakin adorable is that?!?  We bought it for Ellie, I can’t wait for her to wear it!!! 🙂


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