Baby Essentials – The First 6 Months


Well everyone always says it, but it’s so true.  Time with a new baby FLIES.  We’ve had lots of good days as well as a few bad, but I’ve learned so much as a new mother.  I feel so much more prepared for baby number two, whenever that time comes!  I’m so thankful to be able to stay home with our little Ellie, and I wouldn’t trade the smiles and snuggles for the world.  I’ve learned so much about our cutie, just as she is learning about the world around her.

As with any first time mom, before baby’s arrival I felt like I was swimming in an ocean of product recommendations, trying to figure out what we would actually need.  Creating our baby registry was a lot of fun, but also a bit overwhelming.  Now, with six months under our belt, I can confidently say that these 10 products are the things we couldn’t live without!!!

Boppy Nursing Pillow – Our little one had a lot of trouble with nursing in the beginning.  Poor latch, trouble finding a comfortable position, lots of frustration.  The Boppy provided support for both of us.  I also appreciated the chance to prop her up in the Boppy while I used the bathroom, brushed my teeth, made a cup of coffee, etc.

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush – This was recommended to me by a friend.  I’ve never been a fan of the way diaper cream sneaks under your fingernails and never seems to wash out.  The Bum Brush is an inexpensive way to avoid the messiness of diaper cream.  It’s super easy to clean, too.

Sophie The Giraffe Teether – I don’t know what it is about Sophie, but our little one absolutely loves her!  Now that the teething stage has arrived, Ellie is always shoving Sophie in her mouth.  It calms her down more than other teething toys we’ve tried, and seems to help her gums to feel better.  I had always heard great things about Sophie, but thought it might be a bit overrated.  I was wrong!

Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat – I was debating between this chair and the Bumbo, so I did some research online.  Lots of parents seemed to prefer to the Fisher Price model, so that’s what I went with.  Ellie absolutely loves sitting in it while watching me cook.  The chair also comes with two attachable toys that she enjoys stuffing into her mouth 😛

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier – So IMO, the Boba Wrap is totally overrated.  My husband and I put one on our registry and received it as a shower gift.  I was so excited to wrap up our bundle of joy, but the wrap was so complicated and our daughter was very impatient while I tried to finagle her into it.  So next we tried the BabyBjorn, and it was so much better.  This model has adjustable straps and it’s so much easier to use.  Ellie loves going for walks while facing outward, and has taken a few naps while facing inward.  We can even use the BabyBjorn to carry her on our backs when she gets a little older.

NUK Flexible Freezer Trays – When our little one started on solids, these trays were great for making food in bulk and freezing it.  You can freeze the food right in the trays, or you can pop out the frozen cubes and throw them in ziploc bags.  These trays are flexible and easy to clean.  Plus they’re pretty cute 🙂

Diaper Genie to the rescue!  No really…Without this I don’t want to imagine what our nursery would smell like.  It traps in the smell and makes diaper disposable super easy.  The rings can get a bit expensive, but we use this trash bag hack instead.

Fisher Price Pink Sparkles Bath Tub – Bathing our new baby was a game of trial and error.  We had registered for a cheaper mesh baby bather, but Ellie was always flopping around and sliding out of it.  While looking for a solution, we tried using the little pink tub they give you at the hospital.  That didn’t go so well either.  Finally, I found the Fisher Price tub.  It grows with baby and has higher raised sides so baby stays inside safely, no matter how much she splashes around.  Ellie used to hate bath time until we made this purchase.  Now she can’t get enough splashing! 🙂

Nest Security Camera – So this isn’t technically a baby cam…it’s better.  You can view the live feed on your smartphone, so it’s accessible anywhere.  If you leave baby with a sitter or spouse, you can watch him or her slumber while you run out for groceries or an appointment.  It’s small and can attach anywhere.  We used a command hook to attach ours to the crib, but it also comes with a base to sit on a shelf or dresser.  Very versatile camera and wonderful high quality feed.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – If you buy ONE thing from this list, make it Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit!!  This product SAVED my sanity and I swear it’s truly a miracle!  Once our daughter hit four months, she literally stopped sleeping.  Through the night I was waking up every hour on the hour, attempting to nurse her back to sleep.  Sometimes it would work, sometimes she would wake up 2o minutes later.  I was in complete zombie mode, searching for anything and everything.  Pacifiers, double swaddling, white noise, ceiling projector…nothing was helping.  The sleep suit was recommended by a friend and our pediatrician, and it seriously changed my life.  The first night we used it, she slept through the night, and continued doing so until she started teething (a new set of problems!).  This is by far the number one thing we’ve purchased thus far!!

There you have it. We bought a LOT of baby stuff and figured out pretty quickly what worked and what didn’t. Hope this list can help some of you soon-to-be’s! 🙂


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