Hello World!

Good morning bloggers!  I just couldn’t stay away.  Who am I, you say?  Well…

I live in Maryland with my husband, two cats, and our five month old daughter.  My husband and I are originally from Ohio and we met at the small, rural college we both attended.  I am an elementary teacher taking a year off to enjoy time with my little family.  I’ve taught kindergarten and first grade, but was eager to trade in the classroom for some time with our new arrival.

I enjoy all things culinary.  I love to try new recipes and add my spin on them.  I will be featuring some of these on the blog!  I love spending time with family and finding fun, new activities.

I used to maintain a teacher blog, focused on lesson ideas and classroom strategies.  Now, being out of the classroom, I still wanted to find time to blog about my passions.  So…here we are!  Stay tuned for yummy recipes, fun family ideas, and maybe even a little bit of teacher magic. 😉


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